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Terms of Service


*Estimates and opinions of value provided are preliminary only and may change based upon first hand inspection and additional research. *Please be advised that Caroline Ashleigh Associates, LLC does not assume responsibility for any shipment or delivery of property to our premises, or the return of said property, unless a contract agreement and itemized inventory has been signed in advance of shipment . *The client is responsible for all associated costs to insure items to and from our office. *The client is responsible for all packing and shipping costs in the event that said property is withdrawn, returned, or rescinded and a release form has been signed. *TREATMENT OF UNSOLD PROPERTY: Any and all Unsold Property must be picked up by you within (60) sixty days following our notice to you or we may, without furture notice, (a) sell the Unsold Property at a public auction without reserve at a place and time to be determined in our sole discretion, or (b) transfer the Unsold Property to a third-party storage facility, at your expense. You will not be permitted to reclaim and Unsold Property until all commissions, expenses and other amounts owed to us have been paid in full. The proceeds at public auction shall be applied by us first toward the payment of any amounts owed by you to us, including, without limitation, commissions and expenses of sale, and storage fees. In the event of a transfer of any Unsold Property to a third-party storage facility, you shall bear all costs and risk thereof, and you shall be liable for payment of all fees and expenses incurred in connection with the transfer and storage of such Unsold Property.